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  •     Dongguan Qunlian Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was founded by Hong Kong Diji Industry in 2008. It is located in Haofeng Environmental Protection Electroplating Industrial Park, Mayong Town, Dongguan City. It is a professional environment-friendly hydrogen-free electroplating enterprise dealing with metal surface treatment and heat treatment. It covers an area of 6500 square meters. There are 3 automatic hanging plating production lines and 2 automatic barrel plating production lines for large-scale equipment, with annual output reaching. Hanging plating 48,000 tons per year, barrel plating 18,000 tons per year, mainly trivalent chrome blue zinc, color zinc, sealing and so on.


           The company began mass production in 2014, formally obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 dual system certificates in January 2015, TS16949 system certificates in February 2017, and new version of ISO 9001/ISO14001/IATF16949 certificates in November 2017. The company carries out energy saving and emission reduction in the environment, and the comprehensive treatment of wastewater, waste water and solid waste reaches the standard. (Wastewater is treated by Haofeng Environmental Protection Base. The enterprise has a professional wastewater treatment plant, complete sets of professional facilities. The industrial wastewater is collected by classification, centralized treatment, rainwater diversion, reclaimed water loop and other technical means, and the wastewater generated is collected by wastewater. Pipeline network, respectively, is transported to the power and printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant for centralized treatment to ensure that wastewater meets the standards; the waste gas is treated by the joint venture company itself and tested by the authoritative foreign company twice a year; and the solid waste is transferred by qualified institutions.

           Since its establishment, Qunlian Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has taken "Quality First, Continuous Progress" as its top management objective, and has grown up with its employees with the management concept of "Unity and Enterprising"; with "Quality First, Fast Delivery, Sincere Cooperation, Best" as its service objective, and with "Advanced Equipment to Achieve International Level, Excellent Electroplating Processing Technology" to provide customers with satisfactory quality and clothing. We are committed to the production and R&D of high-tech products such as automobile industry in the future, so that customers and us can achieve mutual benefit and win-win, lead the trend of the industry, and create a better future together.

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